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28 nm Beidou multi-mode chip supports the global signal

Time:2018-01-06 Views:123
May 24, 2017 From the 8th annual academic conference on satellite navigation held in Shanghai, China‘s first "Firebird", the 28nm Beidou multimode chip that supports global signals, was unveiled at the conference. The chip supports four major global navigation satellite systems, the size of the equivalent of a pencil tip.
This chip by Beijing Beidou Star Navigation Technology Co., Ltd. developed. The company‘s chairman Zhou Ruxin introduced to the media, "Firebird" supports the four global navigation satellite systems, power consumption lower than mainstream products 60%. Its built-in anti-jamming module and ultra-high sensitivity to adapt to complex environments, the required peripheral devices from 25 to about 8, with high level of integration for developers to save costs.
It is reported that the chip R & D won the national IC industry investment fund support. In February 2016, the fund invested more than 1.6 billion for the development of Beidou chip, cloud-based positioning enhancement and support platform system development and industrialization projects.
At present, "Firebird" chip has been favored by the market. During this annual meeting, OFO shared bicycle and Beidou Starcom signed a strategic cooperation agreement, both sides will focus on the application of BeiDou system in the field of shared bicycles, including based on "Firebird" chip and core algorithm, to provide users with more accurate vehicle location .
Since July 2017, China will launch Beidou 3 satellite successively. The chip takes the lead in supporting the Beidou 3 system signaling and will simultaneously develop with the BeiDou global satellite navigation system.
Some analysts pointed out that the iterative development of domestic chips will enable Beida application to accelerate into the Internet of Things era.
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