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For the first time in history, Chinese scientists successfully achieved counterfactual quantum communication

Time:2018-01-06 Views:105
Compared with the traditional methods of communication, quantum communication with high security as the future direction of communications development, often reported quantum communications are based on the principle of entanglement, today to introduce a more weird form - Anti-Fictitious Communication: There is no quantum communication between two recipients for the quantum communication. The effect of not sending the quantum state of the particle transmission is also called the quantum Zeno effect.
According to a recent report by the Physiotherapist Organization Network, researchers at China University of Technology successfully implemented direct counter-factual quantum communication, transmitting a black-and-white bitmap from one location to another without sending any physical particles, For the first time. The research was designed and experimented by the cooperation between China University of Science and Technology Shanghai Branch and Hefei Branch and Tsinghua University Chinese scientists, and successfully implemented counterfactual communication with a nested quantum Zeno effect.
Quantum Zeno effect occurs in unstable quantum systems that are repeatedly measured. In the quantum world, observing or measuring systems can cause changes in the system. In this case, unstable particles will never decay when observed repeatedly. The quantum Zeno effect creates a virtually frozen system with a high probability. The study was published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.
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